Monday, September 25, 2017

"Key Frame Illustration" with John Staub~!!

"Key Frame Illustration" with John Staub is coming to CDA this Fall~!!

Class starts on Monday, Oct. 2nd.

This is a great class for anyone interested in improving their digital painting skills for character and story moment illustrations.

Space is very limited, sign up soon and don't miss out~!

Concept Design Academy

Friday, September 22, 2017

"Visual Development for Animation" with Rustam Hasanov~!!

Last chance to sign up~!!

"Visual Development for Animation" with Rustam Hasanov

First day of class starts on Tuesday, Oct. 10th.

Portfolio submission required for entry:

Sign up soon and see you this Fall~ :)

Concept Design Academy

"Composition for Storytelling" with Marcos Mateu-Mestre

Date -       Oct. 14th
Time -      2pm~5pm.
Tuition -   $80

Space is limited as there are only 5 spots left. Sign up soon and hope to see you there~!!

Concept Design Academy

Saturday, September 2, 2017

CDA Fall 2017 Brochure Released~!!

Hi Everyone,

Our Fall 2017 brochure have just been released and public enrollment is starting up tomorrow on Sept. 3rd at 12AM (midnight)~!

To enroll, please visit our online store at:

(the store will be locked until the 12AM enrollment start time)

For the latest enrollment status update, visit our status page at:

We have an exciting line up of great classes and workshops coming up. Space is limited, sign up soon and hope we will see you in the coming term~!!

Kevin Chen
Concept Design Academy

*** Our Next Upcoming Workshop Event (Oct. 14th, 2pm~5pm) ***

Fall 2017 Enrollment Status (Updated 9/25/17 12:50AM)


Analytical Figure Drawing (Sun) with Kevin Chen - 3 spots left
Analytical Figure Drawing (Fri)
with Kevin Chen - 2 spots left
Animal Anatomy with Jonathan Kuo
Architecture for World Building with Gabriel Yeganyan
Character & Costume Design with Joshua James Shaw
Character Design for Games with Carlo Arellano
Creature Design with Brynn Metheney & RJ Palmer
Environment Design for Games with Tu Bui
Head & Hands Drawing with Kevin Chen - 1 spot left
Intro to Digital Painting with David Merritt - 5 spots left
Intro to Form Language with Peter Han - 4 spots left
Key Frame Illustration with John Staub - 6 spots left
Vehicles & Mechs with John Frye
Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching (Sun) with P. Ballesteros - 2 spots left
ZBrush Character Creation with Xander Smith

Vis. Dev. for Animation with Rustam Hasanov - Still accepting portfolios

Story Moment Design with Khang Le
Character Design & Illustration with Wesley Burt


Cinematic Storyboard with Jay Oliva - Full
Color and Lighting with Dan Cooper & Christina Cooper - Full 
Costumed Gesture Drawing with Kirk Shinmoto - Full
Intro to Character Design with Kevin Chen - Full
Intro to Perspective with Polina Hristova - Full
Intro to Storyboard with Alan Wan - Full 
Sketching for Environment with Ed Li - Full
Story Development for Animation with Tron Mai - Full  
Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching (Sat) with P. Han - Full

Composition for Storytelling with Marcos Mateu-Mestre - Full

Children's Book Illustration with P. Ballesteros
Figure Drawing with the Reilly Method with Mark Westermoe

(*** For all Full classes or workshops, there is a waiting list available. Sign up if you wish to be notified when there are any last minute openings from cancellations. Thanks. ***)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"Archetypes & Story Structure" workshop with Ryan Meinerding on Aug 5th~!!

"Archetypes & Story Structure" workshop with Ryan Meinerding

Date - Aug. 5th, 2017
Time - 2pm~7pm
Tuition - $120
Location - Concept Design Academy

To sign up, visit our online enrollment store at:

Sign up soon and come join us for the event~!!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Cinematic Set Design" with Samuel Michlap starting this Saturday, July 15th~!!

Hi Everyone,

Samuel Michlap​ is coming to CDA this Saturday, July 15th to teach a workshop on "Cinematic Set Design"~!!

Samuel Michlap is an experienced Production Designer/'Visual Development Artist with past projects such as “The Lion King”, “The Prince of Egypt”, “Doctor Strange”, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”, “The Batman”, “Spider-man: Homecoming”, & “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”

In this workshop, Samuel will be sharing with us his design process and lighting techniques used in creating iconic sets for storytelling. Topics such as set design, cinematography, & lighting will be discussed during the lecture/demonstration. Samuel have a lot of experience/ knowledge to offer and this is a great opportunity to learn about visual storytelling through set design from one of the top designers in the industry.

Space is limited, sign up soon~!!

Concept Design Academy